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Db2 Error Code 80n

DB2 Sql Codes

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Db2 Error Code 104 if issue still persists.then post it. Posted by Nitin Gandhi Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to FacebookShare to Pinterest 4 comments: Anonymous said.

Hi all, Does any one know the reason for SQL abend 80N and sqlstate 51002. Please clarify me on this. Thank you. Details from SPOOL: DB2.

DB:3.17:Strange Problem For Updaterow() On Sqlserver 2000 Driver For Jdbc 3p. Hi, all: I just faced a very strange problem, I have wrote a applcation on Java for.

If you require an explanation of any of these error codes, see the IBM® DB2 Messages and Codes manual or consult your DB2 system administrator. If these errors persist, consult your DB2 system administrator.

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i'm tring to launch a SSIS package but i have an error i search on the web, but still can't find the answer i'm on server 2003 SP2 x64 SQL server 2005 SP3 x64.


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Why do I get a DB2 error code on the IDPARMTB when I install a PTF? – Why do I receive the error message: "DB2 error module EKC0602A occurred on table IDPARMTB.DB2 code: -922" when I install the program temporary fix (PTF) UN68186? You might have unnecessarily installed and renamed Software.

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You can find the meaning of the error code from the db2 command prompt with "? sqlxxxx" where xxxx is the SQLCODE from the error message: [[email protected] db2inst1]$ db2 ? sql-803 SQL0803N One or more values in the INSERT.

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when I execute this COBOL-DB2 program and storedproc thru Mainframe job, I am getting -430 SQL error code. Could you please help me to solve this issue? Have you looked up SQLCODE -430 in the manual? This code signifies an.

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Today, the application is expected to handle all of these conditions and more. Applications accessing DB2 fall into this category. Error codes passed back to the application can take on more than 1000 values. How many of these are.

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